Why Should I Enroll?

“Take a chance on me and let me help you change your life!”

Ryan Chatterson

Ryan Chatterson has spent 15 years honing the skills needed to make commercial aquaponics a reality. He left a lucrative career at the largest aquaculture supplier in the world after 10 years of hard work to "walk the walk" and create a successful Aquaponic farm that is profitable from the fish vegetables produced and succeeded!

This course is a culmination of all Ryan's years of experience and is a combination of several different areas of expertise that are needed to successfully build and operate an Aquaponic business.

You could waste thousands of dollars in travel, hotels, rental car, food, etc. for a few days at an onsite training where you forget half the information by the time you are back on the plane OR you could invest in the College of Aquaponic Engineering & Design curriculum for a fraction of the price which will cover a far wider range of topics and have access to the material to watch over and over again so that you completely understand the topics discussed and are able to confidently move forward with your design.

"But what if I have questions?"
We have designed this course to be extremely comprehensive and I hope that all questions will be answered but if there is something you are unsure of, Ryan will be answering all questions personally on a weekly basis and posting the questions and answers on our site for all students to learn from. By the end of this class, the only question will be how big do you want to build!

What do I receive with tuition?
Every student will receive full access to the 10 week, 20 hour course content including course amendments, tables, charts and other useful items.

We will begin posting course content on opening day of class, Jun 3rd, 2016. We will continue to upload 2 hours of content every week for the 10 week semester. Once content is uploaded, it will remain available to students so that they may view lessons on-demand as many times as needed to master the skills taught.

Upon completion of the final exam, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion form the College of Aquponic Engineering & Design signifying your passing of the course and the hard work and dedication it took. All certificates will be signed and mailed worldwide so that you have a physical representation of your achievement. We will also keep a roster of alumni so that if you need a reference for projects you can reference our College and we will vouch for your attendance and hard work to complete the course.