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**NOTE – New Registration for the College has been closed. We plan to re-open registration Fall 2018 with revamped coursework and even more cutting edge content keep our students up to date with current industry trends, technology and developments. Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported our training program over the past 2 years and we look forward to continuing to help move the Aquaponic industry forward!

We have developed an intensive 24 hour college level course where Ryan Chatterson will teach you how to design, build and succeed in your Aquaponic business venture. The course is NOW AVAILABLE on-demand so you can complete it at your own pace. After completing each week of the course, you will be given a short exam to make sure you understand the skills necessary to move on to the next week. Each week we will build on the previous week’s information so that you are able to form a complete picture of what it takes to succeed in this industry and what will work best for your specific climate, market and goals.

Whether it’s gardening in your backyard or opening your own commercial facility, by the end of this eleven week course you will be able to confidently design and build the customized Aquaponic system of your dreams. Ryan will personally answer all questions during a weekly Q&A session and we will post the questions and answers for anyone who can’t make it.

At the end of the week 11, you will be given a final exam incorporating all of the skills you have acquired throughout the course. Upon completion of the course and passing of the final exam, you will be sent a certificate signed by me from the College of Aquaponic Engineering and Design that signifies the hard work and dedication spent to pass the course.

No good at math?
Don’t know how to get started?
Don’t know what to buy and what to build yourself?

No problem! Ryan has been working with Aquaponic enthusiasts for 15 years and knows that everyone learns a little bit different. Ryan will give you the formulas and the facts, and also provide you with quick reference charts so that you can be confident in your designs before you invest the money to build them.

Below is a list of topics that we will be covering throughout the extent of the course.

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of the Aquaponic Industry
  • Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Engineering and Design Fundamentals
  • Aquaponic Engineering and Design Fundamentals
  • Plumbing like a pro
  • Construction techniques
  • Hydroponic growing Apparatus (NFT, DWC, Vertical towers, Dutch buckets, Slabs, etc.)
  • Water Quality in Aquaponics
  • Aquaponic fish selection
  • Aquaponic Tomato Production
  • Aquaponic Cucumber Production
  • Aquaponic Leafy Green Production
  • Equipment Selection, Sizing and sourcing
  • DIY equipment to lower your upfront costs and turn profits quicker
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) design for pesticide free produce production
  • Marketing Aquaponic fish and Vegetables
  • Is Organic and/or Certified Naturally Grown Certification right for me?
  • Tilapia spawning and reproduction
  • Koi spawning and reproduction
  • Designing Decoupled Aquaponic Systems
  • Designing Urban Rooftop Aquaponic systems
  • Designing indoor, commercial scale vertical Aquaponic Systems
  • Chatterson Farms Zero Discharge Aquaponic production system
  • Starting and growing an Aquaponics business
  • Putting it all together – Designing an aquaponic farm!

By the end of this course you will feel CONFIDENT in your designs and will be ready to take the next step in your Aquaponic journey wherever that may lead you.

Normal tuition rates are $895. 

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Please note the College of Aquaponic Engineering & Design reserves the right to deny acceptance at our sole discretion. In the event of a denial a full refund will be issued.


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